Pre-install Tracking

Adjust’s Pre-install Tracking solution lets you accurately track install data from apps preloaded on Android devices. This allows all app activations to directly be attributed to partners, simplifying the tracking setup.

Pre-installed apps can be found on many factory-setup devices, distributed by their manufacturers or retailers. This allows app activations to be tracked and attributed to a partner from the very beginning. You can become, or work with, a pre-install partner for your app’s marketing campaign needs.

Before you begin


  • Update your Adjust Android SDK to version 4.23 or later to work with a pre-install partner.
  • Create a tracker token.

Helpful information

Visit the Adjust Android SDK page to update your SDK to version 4.23 or later.

For instructions on creating, managing, or sharing tracker URLs with your ad networks, see the following references:

Clickless preloads attribution process 

A click is critical in completing the standard attribution flow. At install, Adjust look for clicks with a matching device identifier. If there are none, Adjust moves on to clicks with matching device characteristics. If there are no eligible clicks, the process repeats using the impression-based methods for attribution.  

Adjust’s fraud filters make it impossible to simulate a click without an attribution being rejected. Even though there is no click, pre-install activities will still be collected and placed in the attribution pool. In the end, the best method for attributing the install will occur. 

Implementation methods

Adjust uses three main methods to implement pre-install tracking. Only one can be chosen, and this setting cannot be changed once implemented. It’s encouraged that you discuss your needs with the Adjust support team to help you choose the method that works best for you. The main three methods are:

  1. Via System Properties - The safest and fastest approach for both Adjust and the device manufacturer. This allows the manufacturer or retailer to save preloaded attribution information in the device OS.
  2. Via World-Readable Directory - This method saves the preloaded app attribution information in a world-readable directory, for example, /sdcard. It allows all apps to read from that directory and is protected by an encryption protocol.
  3. Via content provider - The preloaded app would create a read-only content provider while the Adjust SDK would use a content resolver to query the device app’s request.

Note: On the device, all data is encrypted at-rest and while in-transit using industry-standard protocols.

Work with a pre-install partner

To work with a pre-install partner, you need to update your Adjust Android SDK to version 4.23 or later. Next, create a tracker token for the pre-install partner(s) you wish to run campaigns with. After creating your tracker token, pass it to your pre-install partner. See the SDK and Basic tracker setup pages to get started.

Current Partners

The following list contains some preloading partners, along with their preferred method.


Digital TurbineContent provider
Aura (ironSource)Content provider
XiaomiSystem properties

Contact to learn more and further discuss which method best suits you.

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