Set up Tencent
With Adjust’s Tencent integration, you can track performance marketing efforts on Tencent.

Use our basic setup instructions to connect Adjust to Tencent and track your campaigns. When you’re finished, move on to the advanced setup instructions to customize the integration.

Basic setup

To connect your Adjust dashboard to Tencent, follow these steps.
  1. Select MENU > Partner Ad Accounts > Tencent
  2. Select ADD ACCOUNT
  3. Log in to Tencent and select CONFIRM
  4. Select MENU > Apps
  5. Find your app and select your app options caret (^)
  6. Select Partner Setup
  7. Select ADD PARTNERS, and select Add (+ icon) beside Tencent Social Ads
  8. If your account linking in steps 1–3 was successful, the TENCENT CREDENTIAL field will be autopopulated. If it is not, return to step 1 and link your account again.
  9. Enter your ACCOUNT ID and APP ID 
  10. Select SAVE
Well done! Your basic setup is complete.

Advanced setup

Now that Adjust is connected to Tencent, customize your setup.

Forward in-app events

Event linking lets you forward in-app event data directly to Tencent for more precise targeting. You can link every in-app event in Adjust to a preset Tencent name or a custom event name.

To link in-app events to Facebook, follow these steps.

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^)
  2. Select Partner Setup > Tencent Social Ads > Event Linking
  3. Find the event(s) you want to link and update the field(s) with a Tencent event name or your own custom name. For reference, the preset Tencent event names are:
    • SEARCH
    • RATE
    • SHARE
  4. Select SAVE


What Tencent data does Adjust report?

In Adjust, your Tencent campaign data will appear as:

  • network (top level)Tencent Social Ads Installs
    • campaign (sublevel 1)campaign_name (23567)
      • adgroup (sublevel 2): adgroup_name (67489) 
        • creative (sublevel 3): creative_name (68493)

Where can I find my Tencent account ID and app ID?

  • Account ID: Log in to your Tencent dashboard and, at the top of the screen, you will see your account ID preceded by 账户ID.
  • App ID:  Your iOS app ID is the numeric iTunes ID (e.g., `1234567890`) found in the App Store or through iTunes Connect.

Why aren't my Tencent campaigns tracking in Adjust?

There are several possible explanations:

Review your basic setup. Once you've configured Tencent in your Adjust dashboard module, Adjust will track all of your Tencent campaigns automatically. Please verify that you have followed the setup instructions at the top of the page correctly, particularly that you have entered the appropriate values into the ACCOUNT ID and APP ID fields. 

Installs claimed by Tencent fall outside of the attribution window. Adjust will only report installs in instances that conversions have occurred within the applicable last click attribution window. Therefore, if Tencent reports an install driven outside of Adjust's attribution window, the install could be attributed to organic. Verify your Adjust attribution window settings by selecting an app in the dashboard and going to All Settings > Attribution.

Why does my Adjust dashboard show fewer (or more) installs than Tencent?

In the case of a reported install discrepancy, we always recommend that you consider the following:

Different attribution windows. Confirm that the attribution windows in both platforms are the same. By default, Adjust tracks all installs within a 7-day last-click attribution window and 24-hour impression window.

Adjust is only tracking click-based installs. Confirm that Adjust’s impression tracking is enabled.

Different time zones. Confirm that the time zones in both platforms are the same.

Assess your acquisition strategy. If you are advertising on multiple channels, then is it possible that a reported Tencent user could have been attributed elsewhere within Adjust?

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