Advanced event setup

Use our advanced event setup instructions to customize your event integration, assign user details to event triggers, create unique events, and more.

Before you begin

Here’s what you need to know before getting started. 



Receive custom data with callback parameters

Callback parameters let you receive extra information with your events, like internal user IDs with registration events.

You can set up callback parameters for Adjust-tracked attribution, sessions, and events. These parameters are unique to your app and appear in your callback strings. Callback parameters report as raw data and do not appear in the dashboard.

You can write callback parameters into the Adjust SDK or append them to your server-to-server events. To set up callback parameters, follow the instructions for your event integration. 

For events tracked with the Adjust SDK

Callback parameters can be set up within the Adjust SDK by your developer. Instructions for each development platform can be found on GitHub in the following locations:

    For events tracked server-to-server

    To receive callback parameters for events tracked server-to-server, pass them as a JSON object (properly escaped) through the callback_params parameter. Here’s an example JSON object with two custom parameters ({"f0o":"bar","bar":"baz"}) appended:

    The JSON object should only contain strings and should not be nested. If the parameters are incorrectly formatted, then you’ll receive an error from Adjust.

    Share custom data with partner parameters

    Partner parameters let your partners receive extra information with your events, like an order_id with a purchase event. Check if your partner can receive custom data by searching our list of integrated partners.

    To set up partner parameters, follow these steps. 
    1. In the Adjust SDK, add partner parameters (iOS, Android, Unity
    2. In the Adjust dashboard, find your app and select your app options caret (^)
    3. Select Partner Setup
    4. Select the partner you want to work with 
    5. Select Partner Parameter Mapping
    6. In the FROM APP field, enter the name of your Adjust partner parameter (as written into the Adjust SDK) 
    7. In the TO PARTNER field, enter the parameter name (as listed by your partner)
    8. Select SAVE

    Set up unique events

    A unique event is an in-app action that can only be tracked once per device. They’re helpful for adding context to events the app can’t recognize, like showing a registration as unique from a login.

    To set up unique events, follow these steps.

    1. Find your app and select the app option caret (^)
    2. Select All Settings > Events
    3. Find the in-app event that you want to make unique, and select Edit (pencil icon)
    4. Select Unique
    5. Select UPDATE
    All done! Now Adjust will only track this event once per device.

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