CSV Reports Endpoint

CSV Report Service provides an API to get aggregated data from different sources in csv format: KPI Service deliverables, KPI Service cohorts, SKAdNetwork, and Ad Spend.

The reports endpoint enables you to combine data from many services in a single report. Request installs, revenue, ad spend, and SKAdNetwork data divided by day, app, and ad network.

Before you begin

To use this endpoint, you need an Adjust API token. Use the instructions to set up and manage Adjust API authentication.

The user permissions for the API reflect the Adjust user account user permissions.



GET request

The GET method returns filtered data from the report service in CSV format. The API returns columns of data for each parameter passed in the request. By default the parameter's slug is used as the column header. You can return human-readable names by passing readable_names=true in your request.

Human-readable names can change depending on upstream requirements. Use slugs for long running reports to ensure consistency. You can use the Events endpoint to retrieve event slugs.





This endpoint returns the following responses:

200SuccessReturns report information
204No contentReturned if the response object is empty
400Bad requestReturned if your request is malformed or contains unsupported parameters
401UnauthorizedReturned if your credentials are incorrect or absent
403ForbiddenReturned if you try to access information you don't have permission to view
429Too many requestsReturned if you exceed 50 simultaneous requests
503Service unavailableReturned if the server cannot be reached
504Gateway timeoutReturned if the query takes too long to return a response

Success response

The CSV Reports endpoint returns the data in CSV format.




curl \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <adjust_api_token>' \
--location --request GET 'https://dash.adjust.com/control-center/reports-service/csv_report?cost_mode=network&app_token__in={app_token1},{app_token2}&date_period=2021-05-01:2021-05-02&dimensions=app,partner_name,campaign,campaign_id_network,campaign_network&metrics=installs,network_cost'
App Name,AppLovin,Campaign Name (Campaign ID),Campaign ID,Campaign Network,64,1000