Manage data collection and retention

Some countries have data privacy laws that specifically concern data collection and retention. Companies based in that country, or have users there, must comply. To ensure that our customers have complete control over how their app data is processed, Adjust offers fully customizable data privacy controls.

  • Comply with global data privacy guidelines
  • Take full control of how Adjust processess your user data


With Adjust's Data Privacy feature, you can use consent expiry periods and user data retention periods to instruct Adjust how to manage user data based upon the consent status.

It is the app publisher's responsibility to get consent from users. This is subject to your own legal assessment.

Use case

There are many new laws and regulations made by governments across the world to control how consumer data is handled. For example, in 2019 the French data authority CNIL published guidelines that enforce a user’s explicit consent when handling their personal data.

To be in compliance, app publishers in France need to get explicit consent from users for storage of consumer data collected from online measurement technology. Consent needs to be renewed after 13 months for both active and inactive users. The consumer data may be stored for a maximum of 12 months after the 13 month limit is reached. Following that, the data must be completed removed unless there is new consent provided.

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