Manage invoices

In the Invoices area, you'll find the complete billing and payment history for your Adjust account.

To access the Invoices area:

  1. Hover over (Profile icon).
  2. Select Account Settings.
  3. Select the Invoices tab.

Adjust invoicing

Invoices reflect the total number of conversions as included in your pricing plan and any additional conversions that accrued during the billing period. To download a PDF version, select (Download) next to the invoice.

The start date of your billing period depends on how and when you register your Adjust account. Your billing period won't begin until you register your account.

After your billing period ends, Adjust automatically sends an invoice to the invoicing contact for your account. To change where Adjust sends invoices, update your Company profile.

If your Adjust Invoices dashboard shows different conversion numbers than your invoice, consider that:

  • You might be viewing click-based conversions only. Be sure to include impression-based attributions and reattributions too.
  • Sometimes, conversions are reported after we've drawn up your invoice (for example, from offline conversions). These appear in your reports but not your invoice.

About Conversion billing