Retargeting with Adjust

At Adjust, we think that the difference between a good mobile app marketer and a great mobile app marketer is their user retention plan. A thoughtful retargeting strategy is critical for maintaining consistent in-app activity, increasing in-app revenue, and building brand awareness. Learn how Adjust can support and measure your retargeting campaigns in the sections to follow.

What is a mobile retargeting campaign?

In mobile, retargeting campaigns refer to advertisements served to your existing app users to instigate opportunities for in-app engagement. Typically, this involves developing ad creative for specific individuals, such as your users that have added items to a cart or have a history of making purchases within your app.

Within Adjust, retargeting campaigns drive reattributions, not installs.

Why should I spend money on retargeting campaigns?

Retargeting campaigns are aimed at a very important audience: your existing app users! It's a well-known industry fact that existing users are more valuable than potential app users and studies show that user retention drops significantly as early as 3 days of installing your app. So, why not reinvigorate dormant users with specific creative or promotions to drive conversion towards your most lucrative in-app events? Retargeting campaigns allow you to hone in on refined usersets and provide them with a highly customized marketing experience.

How can Adjust support my retargeting efforts?

Adjust's powerful Audiences solution allows you to harness your Adjust data and create customized user lists. Set conditions to classify users based on their unique mobile app platform, device identification type, and in-app behavior. Then, split your user segments into group lists to share with your preferred mobile ad networks for retargeting campaigns.

You can also use Adjust link URLs to measure the user activity driven from any of your retargeting campaigns. Focus on reattributions to assess which retargeting campaigns are most effective in compelling users to revisit your app. Then, assess their in-app activity and determine which user groups are more likely to proceed with their purchase or level up. 

Will my Adjust links for retargeting be different than my links for user acquisition?

Fundamentally, your Adjust links will not operate any differently than the links used for your user acquisition campaigns. However, because retargeting focuses on specific app users, your link should include a user's advertising ID. This also allows you to verify that your campaigns are reaching the intended audience for your campaign.

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