SDK-to-SDK partners

Some of our partners offer SDK-to-SDK integrations. With this setup, your app receives attribution data from Adjust via the Adjust attribution callback and then transmits it to your network partner's SDK.

Attribution callbacks are primarily designed for your internal use. They are effective when you use them to add context to your app's behavior depending on Adjust data. We are not able to control the data as effectively as we are when building server-to-server modules. Read our attribution data policies.

How it works

Set up your partner integration

To begin you need to install and configure the Adjust SDK, then set up the attribution callback using the developer guides linked below.

📖 iOS / Android / Windows / Adobe Air / Unity / Cordova / Marmalade / Xamarin / Cocos2d-x / React Native / Titanium / Corona

Next, implement your partner's SDK and follow your partner's integration instructions.


Batch is a mobile CRM platform. After you implement the attribution callback, use Batch segmentation to send push notifications to your users based on install attribution data.


In deltaDNA, set up a special in-app event called adjustAttribution. When you receive the Adjust delegate callbacks with attribution data, record the event with the deltaDNA SDK, and add the acquisitionChannel parameter with the attribution data.


You can integrate Mixpanel as a server-to-server integration or via SDK-to-SDK. If you have not used Mixpanel before, implement the server-to-server integration. If you have already integrated Mixpanel into your app, modify your app with the Mixpanel SDK-to-SDK integration.


mParticle supports every feature of the Adjust SDK. To configure the integration, follow these steps.


To configure an integration with Segment, use one of the following solutions:


To configure an integration with Tealium, follow these steps.