Share audiences with partners


Our classic dashboard was sunset on March 29, 2024. All Adjust customers using Audience Builder can continue to access it until May 31, 2024. Download the Audience Builder - Share audiences with partners documentation in PDF format here.

You can share your audience groups with any partners that you work with. If you have connected your partner account to Adjust in DataWorks, you can share your audience group directly with them using our Audience Builder service. For all other partners, you can simply share a URL of the audience group with them.

Growth solution:
Audiences is available as an Adjust Growth Solution. To get Audiences on your account, contact

Dynamic audiences and partners

Audiences uploaded to partners are dynamic. This means new devices that match an audience's criteria are added to the audience on a regular basis. However, devices that no longer match the audience's criteria are not removed.

For example: If you create an audience of users with no session in the last seven days, it continues to send new devices to partners every day. But it will not remove devices for users that came back to the app and had a session as a result of the campaign.

You can use one of the following methods to avoid retargeting users that no longer meet audience criteria:

  • Create static audiences. This means using specific dates or criteria that do not need device removal.
  • Share a dynamic audience with a partner and wait for the audience numbers to show in their dashboard. When this happens, stop sharing the audience group without deleting the audience itself. This stops the audience from pulling dynamic data.
If you have shared your dynamic audience with Adikteev, you do not need to use these methods. Audiences shared with Adikteev auto re-upload with the matching devices each time. Devices that do not match the audience criteria are deleted.

Partners available in DataWorks

Connect an account

Before you share an audience with a partner, you need to connect Adjust to the partner in DataWorks.

  1. Under DataWorks, select Connections.
  2. Select New Connection.
  3. Select the partner of your choice.
  4. Select the Audience Builder service.
  5. Provide credentials for the network.
  6. Select Connect.

Each partner requires their own set of credentials to ensure the connection between them and Adjust is registered successfully. You can find each partner's requirements below:








Share your audience group

You can share an audience group with only one partner at a time. This means that if you've already shared an audience group with a different partner, you will need to stop sharing the audience with them first, and then share it with a different partner.

To share your audience group with a partner, follow the steps below.

  1. Under Campaign Lab, select Audiences.
  2. In the Audiences list, select an audience to view its details.
  3. Find your audience group and select Share with partner.
  4. Select the Partner of your choice.
    • If you had selected multiple apps in your audience, Google Ads is not available in the Partner list.
  5. Select your Partner account and Partner ad account, as applicable.
  6. Select Share.

Well done! Now your audience group is shared with the partner. The group user list is exported to the partner ad account every 12 hours.

If your audience stops updating for any partner, Adjust displays the full error from the affected partner. Select Manage connections to go to the partner in DataWorks to fix the error, and then select Refresh group to update the connection in Audiences.

Stop sharing an audience group

You can stop sharing an audience group from a partner to share it with another partner account or stop partners from targeting the audience group altogether.

To stop sharing your audience group, follow these steps.

  1. Under Campaign Lab, select Audiences.
  2. In the Audiences list, select an audience to view its details.
  3. Select Stop sharing.
  4. Choose one of the following options:
    • Stop sharing the group only - Choose this option if you want the partner to target this audience. Keeps the audience in your selected ad account unchanged.
    • Stop sharing the group and delete all history from partner - Choose this option if you don't want the partner to target this audience. This permanently removes the audience from the selected ad account.
  5. Select Stop sharing.

That's it! You're no longer sharing the audience group with the partner. You can now share this audience group with another partner, if you want.

Partners not available in DataWorks

Share an audience group

After you build an audience, Adjust automatically creates a URL for each of its groups. You can use these URLs to download (or let your partners download) a CSV file of all the users in each group.

To download or share your audience data, follow these steps.

  1. Under Campaign Lab, select Audiences.
  2. In the Audiences list, select an audience to view its details.
  3. Find the group you want to download or share and select  (Copy) to copy its URL.

All done! Now you can use a download tool like Wget to programmatically scrape audience data. 

Ready to share custom user lists with retargeting partners? Just send them the group URL. Anyone with the link can download audience data (including all device identifiers) for that group. 

Stop sharing an audience group

To stop sharing an audience with a partner, you need to reset the audience group URL. This replaces the current group link with a new one, and anyone using the old link loses access to that audience group.

To reset your group URL, follow these steps.

  1. Under Campaign Lab, select Audiences.
  2. In the Audiences list, select an audience to view its details.
  3. Select Reset link.

Now that you have reset your audience group URL, you need to share the new link with the partner.