Activity: SKAdNetwork qualifier

From iOS 14.6, Apple includes the parameter did-win in their install validaton postback. This is available for up to 6 networks that sign ads with SKAdNetwork version 3.0. The purpose of this parameter is to show which ad engagements were considered for attribution.

  • The network which delivers the attributed ad receives the postback with a did-win value of True.
  • Up to 5 networks that qualified for the attribution, but did not win, receive the postback with a did-win value of False.

To receive the did-win value in your raw data, use the SKAdNetwork qualifier activity type. This sends an individual callback or CSV entry for the qualifiying engagements that did not win the attribution.

❌ - The SKAdNetwork qualifier activity is not included in your global callback.

Supported placeholders

All placeholders for SKAdNetwork install are supported for SKAdNetwork qualifier.

Use the following dedicated placeholder to receive your qualifier value.

{sk_did_win}Shows whether the ad engagement won the attribution or if it qualified for it.

A value of 1 indicates that the network won the attribution for the install or reinstall.

A value of 0 indicates that the network had a qualifying ad engagement, but did not win the attribution for the install or reinstall. 

Install and qualifier postback difference

There are some differences between the data available in your SKAdNetwork install callbacks and your SKAdNetwork qualifier callbacks. This is because of Apple's different version support, and to maintain the privacy of qualifying engagements.

Use the table below to compare the differences you may see.

SKAdNetwork installSKAdNetwork qualifier
If the network used SKAdNetwork version 3.0+:
"did-win": 1

If the network used a version of SKAdNetwork earlier than 3.0, the callback is empty:
"did-win": 0

This callback is only available if the network used SKAdNetwork version 3.0+.
All postback parameter data includedDoes not include data from the following parameters:
  • "source-app-id"
  • "conversion-value"