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Track web campaigns

With Adjust’s support for web attribution, you can track your web campaigns on several supported platforms. Here, you can find information on how to set up your web campaigns to ensure Adjust gets the necessary information for attribution. 

Set up Facebook web campaigns

The process for setting up trackable Facebook web campaigns is simple. 

In the Adjust dashboard

  1. Create a tracker with the appropriate parameters

In Facebook

  1. Log in to Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Add your Adjust tracker to the campaign(s) you want to track
  3. Use the Preview URL function to check your Facebook setup

That’s it, you’re all set! In the Testing Console you can check your campaign is tracked before going live.  

Set up Google Ads web campaigns

To set up web campaigns in Google Ads, first log into your Google Ads account. There you will be asked to provide various details regarding your campaign.

There are three important fields you need to complete in order for Adjust to receive the correct information for attribution. Below, you can find the fields and the values you’ll need to enter. 

Google Ads field

Description + Entry

Final URL

The destination URL you want to send users to

Final URL suffix

Required additional parameters:


(These are appended to the Final URL automatically by Google)

Tracking Template

Your Adjust tracker + the required additional parameters: lpurl={lpurl}&external_click_id={gclid}

For example, let’s say the site you want to promote is In Google Ads, your setup would look like this: 

You can also append Google Ads-related campaign structure parameters to your Adjust tracker that is used as the tracking template.


For Display:{campaignid}&adgroup={adgroupid}&creative={creative}_{placement}&lpurl={lpurl}&external_click_id={gclid}

For Search:{campaignid}&adgroup={adgroupid}&creative={keyword}_{matchtype}&lpurl={lpurl}&external_click_id={gclid}

Great job! Adjust can now start tracking your Google Ads web campaign. 

Within Google Ads you can use the Test button to check your link setup. However, you will not see any attribution from this in Adjust - these are not real clicks containing the gclid. Be aware that you may need to run a small budget campaign to test your setup, before launching something on a larger scale.