Verify installs with the Device API

The Device API allows you to verify install information without logging in to the Adjust dashboard. You can use the inspect device endpoint to inspect the following information:

  • Device attribution
  • Device reattribution
  • Event data
  • Push token integration
  • Subscription data

To use the Device API:

  1. Follow the get started guide for your platform to integrate the Adjust SDK.

  2. Set the environment to sandbox. This ensures that your app only sends information to the testing console.

  3. Set your log level to verbose to capture all logging information from your app.

  4. Set up a test device or an emulated device and find the device's advertising ID. You can install the Adjust Insights app to find this information.

  5. If you've previously used the device for testing:

    1. Delete your app from the test device.
    2. Clear the device's advertising ID from the testing console. Follow the instructions for the Testing console in AppView.
    3. Alternatively, call the forget device endpoint to remove existing information about the device.
    curl --location --request POST "" \
    --header "Authorization: Token token={your_token}" \
    --data "adid={your_device_id}&app_token={your_app_token}"
  6. Download and open the test version of your app that contains the Adjust SDK.

  7. Call the inspect device endpoint to return install information about the device.

    curl --location --request GET "{your_advertising_id}&app_token={your_app_token}" \
    --header "Authorization: Bearer {your_bearer_token}"

Example response

     "Adid": "acf8534f2f052395e617a38730682ccc",
     "AdvertisingId": "1234-5678-9012-3456",
     "Tracker": "abc123",
     "TrackerName": "Organic",
     "ClickTime": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
     "InstallTime": "2015-08-19T03:42:03Z",
     "LastSessionTime": "2017-07-29T17:29:17Z",
     "LastEventTimes": {
           "a1a1a1": "2017-07-29T17:29:55Z",
           "b2b2b2": "2017-07-29T17:29:21Z",
           "c3c3c3": "2017-07-29T17:29:38Z",
           "4d4d4d": "2017-07-29T17:29:58Z"},
     "State": "installed"