Partner ad spend push API

The Partner ad spend push API allows you to send the advertising ad spend information associated with a campaign. The API requires a cost_id associated with the campaign to track.

To set up the Partner ad spend push API succesfully:

  1. Set up your cost ID

A Cost ID is a unique ad spend engagement identifier that Adjust uses to match ad spend data with a click or impression. See the Set up cost ID article for information on how to set this up.

  1. Set up the API integration

Adjust accepts ad spend data through the /cost endpoint. Follow the instructions in the Ad spend cost endpoint article to set up your POST requests.

  1. Test and finalize your integration with Adjust

Once you have configured your servers to send the required parameters, reach out to We can then begin the testing phase of the integration.

Adjust provides you with a series of tests. You can check for discrepancies in the different ad spend types and spot any problems before the integration goes live. We also conduct tests on the backend to ensure the API integration is functioning as expected.
After getting satisfactory results, we can add you to our list of integrated ad spend partners as an official Adjust ad spend push API partner.