Set up Apple Ads

Adjust uses the Apple Ads Attribution API and Apple Search Ads Campaign Management API to measure your campaigns with Apple Ads. For more information, see How Apple Search Ads attribution works.

Before you begin

Here’s what you need to know before you get started.


  • Ensure you have the Adjust iOS SDK 4.25.0 or later.
  • Add the AdServices framework to your app.
  • Your Apple Ads login credentials.
  • Your Apple ID needs to have admin permissions for the Apple Ads account(s) that you want to link.

Add Apple Ads account in Adjust

Apple Search Ads (ASA) offers two options for their customers:

  • Basic
  • Advanced

Apple's Campaign Management API that provides campaign information and ad spend data is only available for customers using the Advanced solution. Customers on the Basic solution will see their measurement parameters as unknown in Adjust.

In addition to using the Advanced option of Apple Search Ads, you need to link your Apple Ads account in Adjust to see campaign details and measure ad spend data.


You do not need to set up Apple Ads as a network in Campaign Lab.

Follow these steps to add your Apple Ads account.

  1. Under DataWorks, select Connections.
  2. Select New Connection.
  3. Select Apple/Apple Ads.
  4. Select Connect Account.
  5. Log in to your Apple ID that has Apple Ads admin permissions.
  6. On the Select Permissions screen, choose the permissions that you want to grant Adjust:
    • If Adjust is only retrieving ad spend data from Apple Ads, select Account Read Only.
    • If Adjust is managing bids and budgets for Apple Ads, select Account Read & Write.
  7. Select Save.

(Optional) Implement the consent pop-up

Add the AppTrackingTransparency framework to your app and implement the Popup, then Initialize approach. This allows Adjust to receive the detailed payload from Apple for users with an authorized ATT status. With the detailed payload, Apple provides the click timestamp, which allows Adjust to perform more accurate attribution.

Apple still sends the standard payload for users without an authorized ATT status, so Adjust can still attribute all iOS 14.3+ users regardless of ATT status.

For more information, see Apple Search Ads - Response types.

Next steps

Once you've set up your campaign in Apple Ads, links are automatically available on the Apple network details page under Campaigns > Partners.

  • (Optional) Customize your attribution settings from the Apple network details page.