How Apple Search Ads attribution works

With Adjust's Apple Search Ads integration, you can measure and analyze your Apple Search Ads performance marketing efforts in Adjust.

How it works

Once you have successfully integrated the SDK and the AdServices framework, Apple Ads Attribution data is measured automatically. The Apple Ads Attribution API measures and attributes app installs from your Apple Search Ads campaigns. With Adjust’s Search Ads integration, you can view data from the Attribution API in Adjust.

Here’s how Adjust works with the Attribution API.

Apple Attribution Ads data flow
  1. The app (via the Adjust SDK) requests a token from the AdServices Framework.
  2. The AdServices Framework returns an Apple Ads Attribution token. This token comes in the form of a string with a 24-hour TTL (time to live).
    • The token is then passed to Adjust.
  3. Adjust requests an attribution response from Apple’s server.
  4. Depending on the user's consent, Apple sends either a standard or detailed payload attribution response to Adjust.

Response Types

Depending on the user’s consent to Apple’s ATT framework, the Apple Search Ads Attribution payload delivers one of two responses:


Users who have opted in


Users who have not opted in
The Apple Search Ads Attribution payload does not contain a campaign, adgroup, keyword, and/or creative set name. Ensure that you have linked your Apple Ads account in DataWorks > Connections to pull these campaign details.


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