Campaign API

Use the Campaign API to get tracker, subtracker, and partner information. Create new trackers and update existing trackers with new partner information.

How it works

  1. Authenticate your calls

To use the Campaign API endpoints, you first need to get your Adjust API token. Follow the instructions in the Authentication article to find out how to use this token with the API.

  1. Fetch a list of network trackers associated with your app

Use the trackers endpoint to fetch details about any trackers associated with your app. You can fetch a list of top-level trackers or a list of subtrackers.

  1. Create new network trackers

You can add new trackers to your app by sending a POST request to the trackers endpoint. This endpoint supports creating top-level trackers and subtrackers.

  1. Fetch a list of partners

Use the partners endpoint to fetch a list of partners. You can use these when updating your trackers.

  1. Update your tracker with new partners

Send a PATCH request to the trackers endpoint to update existing trackers with new partners and cost data information.