SpendWorks - Adjust's ad spend solution

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SpendWorks is Adjust’s ad spend solution and includes all ad spend recording methods and reporting capabilities. With SpendWorks, you can have all your ad spend data, no matter the source, in one place, at the level of granularity that you need. This helps you optimize your campaign performance and increase the return on ad spend (ROAS).

Ad spend refers to the amount of money spent on specific ad variations within a campaign or ad set. Ad cost is a broader expense category that includes a wider variety of expenditures. Ad cost can include online, broadcast, print, outdoor, and direct mail efforts.

Adjust's ad spend solutions

Adjust offers different methods for retrieving ad spend data. Choose the method that best matches your needs.

  • Ad spend API integrations - A Pull API with integrations with over 40 networks, enabling you to get ad spend data directly from a network and see it in Adjust.
  • Partner ad spend push API - Adjust’s user-level ad spend solution that lets networks push engagement-based ad spend data to Adjust asynchronously after attribution.
  • Ad spend on engagement - Receive ad spend data at the time of click or impression, even for networks without an integration with Adjust.
  • SKAN ad spend: Data is collected from networks running SKAN campaigns via API integration, and the SKAN ad spend is categorized and reported in Adjust.
  • Same day ad spend - Adjust retrieves ad spend data six times through the day from advertising networks. This enables you to get up-to-date and fresh ad spend data.
  • Web-to-mobile ad spend - Receive ad spend data for your mobile web or desktop web campaigns that result in conversions.
  • Web-to-web ad spend - Receive ad spend data for your desktop or browser web campaigns that result in conversions.
  • Ad spend CSV import - Upload your ad spend data and campaign information directly to Adjust. Use this solution if you measure ad spend with a partner that doesn't have an integration with Adjust.
  • Ad spend third-party storage exports - Customize your ad spend reports and the frequency at which you receive them to your third-party storage.

Why measure ad spend?

Ad spend is the amount of money you spend on mobile advertising, and it can largely be seen as a reflection of how much it costs to acquire users from paid advertising sources.

Using detailed ad spend data in Adjust, you can identify the most cost-effective channels and allocate budgets towards the highest-performing campaigns. You can also calculate your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) or ROI (Return on Investment) for a reflection of how efficiently you are using your marketing budget.

Since Adjust lets you receive ad spend data in your raw data, you can analyze data at the user-level within your own BI system.