Deep links

A deep link is a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) - or, more simply, a link - that takes users to a specific page in your app. Deep links are a fundamental way to improve user experience by taking users directly to the in-app content they want to see. You can use deep links throughout your marketing funnel to improve user acquisition, engagement, and retention. They can be used in: 

  • Mobile ad campaigns
  • Push campaigns
  • Social campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  • User referral and reward campaigns 

Deep link overview

Depending upon your mobile platform, campaign environment, and the intended link behavior, there are different types of deep links to use.

Direct deep link

Indirect deep link

Deferred deep link

Deep link fallback (redirect)

Push notifications and smart banners

A push notification is a pop-up message app publishers can send to a user's mobile device. Importantly, users don't need to be in the app or even active on their device to receive push notifications.

Adding a deep link to your push notification lets you both alert and direct the user. For example, you can notify users about a sale and send them straight to a product page, or take them to coupon download screen.

Smart banners are used to convert mobile web users into app users. They are usually displayed on a webpage and deep link users to the product they were searching or browsing.