Google SSO

With Adjust’s support for Google SSO, you can use your Gsuite credentials to sign in to all of your linked applications. 

Set up in Google

To set up Google SSO via SAML, follow these steps in the Google Admin console

  1. Find and select SAML apps.
  2. Select ADD ( + icon ) at the bottom right.
  3. Select Setup my own custom App.
  4. Download the IDP metadata file (option 2).
  5. Add Adjust as Application Name.
  6. Next, set up the following:
    1. ACS URL:
    2. Entity ID:
    3. Start URL:
    4. Signed Response: enabled
    5. Name ID: Basic Information - Primary Email
    6. Name ID: Format - Email
  7. Now, set the following Attribute Mappings:
    1. first_name: Basic Information: First Name
    2. last_name: Basic Information: Last Name
    3. primary_email: Basic Information: Primary Email

Great job! Your setup in Google is done and you can move on to the final step in Adjust. 

Set up in Adjust

To complete setup for Google SSO, follow these steps in the Adjust dashboard. To save time, upload your IdP metadata file to automatically fill the credential fields.

  1. Select Menu > My Account
  2. Find SSO Configuration and select Settings (gear icon)
  3. Enter your email domain
  4. Separate multiple entries using a comma. E.g.,,
  5. Upload your IdP metadata file
  6. Select SAVE

Sign in with SSO

There are two ways to sign in to the dashboard as an SSO user.

1. Available for all users, required for first-time users

  1. Sign in to your Google account
  2. Go to Google’s SAML apps selection - this is identified by the 9 dots in the top-right of the screen
  3. Select the Adjust app

You are sent to the Adjust dashboard, signed in as the user associated with your Google account.

2. Available for existing users

  1. Go to the Adjust dashboard login page
  2. Select Login with SSO
  3. Enter your email address and select Next
  4. Sign in from Google

After successfully signing-in from Google, you are redirected back to the Adjust dashboard. You are now logged in as the user associated with your Google account. 


What domains do I add in Adjust during setup?

As part of SSO setup, you are asked to add your email domain. This is the domain used in your company email address. For example: if an employee email is, you enter 

Adjust uses the domain to know which dashboard users should be converted to SSO users. To enter multiple email domains at once, separate them with a comma. For example:, Once you have added a domain, it cannot be changed or deleted.  

What is my IdP metadata file and where do I find it?

Setup for Google SSO requires an SSO URL, Entity ID, and Key. This information is collectively known as your IdP metadata. This is supplied to you in the form of a downloadable XML file from your Google Admin console. 

Note: After downloading your IdP file, please do not change any of its contents. Doing so may interfere with your SSO setup. 

Your IdP metadata is defined on a per-app basis. Once you have added Adjust as an application to the Google Admin Console, you can always find your IdP metadata by following this route: SAML Apps > Adjust > Settings

Here are some examples of how your IdP metadata might look:

Entity ID