Set up Google Marketing Platform

With Adjust’s Google Marketing Platform integration, you can measure the performance of your marketing efforts on Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360.

The Google Marketing Platform API shares data from the following sources:

The Google Marketing Platform API does not share Search Ads 360 campaign data with Adjust.

How it works

How does Adjust measure installs with Google Marketing Platform?

  1. Since Google Marketing Platform does not use Adjust link URLs, Adjust sends them every app session our SDK reports.
  2. If Google Marketing Platform recognizes the activity, they respond with the device identifier and timestamp.
  3. Following our own attribution method, Adjust then uses the engagement data from all networks to attribute the install to the last source.

Before you begin

Here's what you need to know before getting started.

CTV Availability

  • You can use the integration to for connected TV attribution for CTV apps. Measure campaigns running via Google Marketing Platform, for example on YouTube, or campaigns you run for CTV apps operating on non-Google platforms: for example, ads served on Android, Roku, Fire, Samsung, LG, Vizio, and Apple device platforms.
  • The integration does not currently support CTV to mobile attribution, meaning you cannot measure ads on Google-owned inventory, such as YouTube or Google TV.


Initial setup

To set up Google Marketing Platform for your app, follow these steps.

  1. Under Campaign Lab, select Partners.
  2. Select _New partner.
  3. In the Partner selection screen, choose Google Marketing Platform, and select Next.
  4. In the App selection screen, choose your app, and select Next..

Then, set your data sharing options, review your setup, and enable Google Marketing Platform for your app.

Data sharing

Share data with Google Marketing Platform to optimize your campaigns. In the Data sharing screen, follow these steps.

Enable data sharing for Google Marketing Platform

In the Link ID field, enter your Link ID.

Set your data sharing options

Once you enable data sharing, Adjust sends install and session data from all attribution sources, by default. This includes data attributed to Google Marketing Platform, data attributed to other networks, and organic data. Additionally, you can choose to share the following data with Google Marketing Platform.

  1. Select In-app revenue (from in-app purchases) to send detailed revenue data to Google Marketing Platform. You need to map events that generate revenue to share this data.
  2. Select Parameters to share all partner parameters configured in the Adjust SDK for any activity you share with Google Marketing Platform. You usually need to map parameters to share this data.

Map events

Map your events to forward in-app event data directly to Google Marketing Platform.

If you selected In-app revenue (from in-app purchases) to send detailed revenue data to Google Marketing Platform, ensure that you map at least one revenue event to Google Marketing Platform.

To forward in-app events or revenue events to Google Marketing Platform, follow these steps.

  1. Select Map event.
  2. In the Adjust event list, select the Adjust event that you want to share with Google Marketing Platform.
  3. In the Partner event list, select an applicable Google Marketing Platform event.
  4. Select Apply.

Google Marketing Platform events available for mapping

Map parameters

If the raw data parameters you collect in the SDK differ from the values supported by Google Marketing Platform, you can define mappings so that Google Marketing Platform can receive that data.

You can view this section only if you have selected Parameters under Set your data sharing options.

To map your parameters, follow these steps.

  1. Select Map parameter.
  2. In the SDK parameter field, enter the name of your Adjust partner parameter as written in the Adjust SDK.
  3. In the Partner parameter field, enter the corresponding Google Marketing Platform parameter name.
  4. Select Apply.

After you set this up, Adjust will forward custom event details directly to Google Marketing Platform for any of your linked events.

Supported Google Marketing Platform parameters

Custom Floodlight variables

Setup review

  1. In the Setup review screen, review your choices. Make any changes, if required.
  2. Select Enable network to enable Google Marketing Platform for your app, and enable data sharing, if set up.
You do not need to create a link for Google Marketing Platform. The links are created automatically after you set up and start a campaign with Google Marketing Platform. Adjust then starts attributing users to your campaigns.

Next steps

  1. Go to Google Marketing Platform and set up your campaign.

    • Corresponding links will be created automatically and will appear on the network details page.
  2. (Optional) Turn on impression-based attribution.

    • Adjust doesn’t automatically attribute installs to Google Marketing Platform impressions. After your link is created via the network integration, attribution settings are available from the network details page. You can then turn on impression-based attribution for Google Marketing Platform.
  3. (Optional) Customize your attribution settings from the Google Marketing Platform network details page.