Connected TV attribution for CTV apps

Adjust’s SDK and S2S solutions offer deterministic attribution capabilities to measure connected TV app installs from campaigns run on connected TV devices. Benefits of running a CTV campaign for a CTV app with Adjust's solution include:

  • Keep track across CTV platforms
  • Calculate ROI and ROAS
  • Monitor user engagement and prevent churn

As CTV adoption increases globally, ad space on popular streaming services and smart devices becomes increasingly vital for marketers who want to reach millions of users across different regions. With Adjust's CTV attribution, you can find out which campaigns are driving CTV app installs and identify conversion trends. Gain a deeper understanding of the kinds of users who are interacting with your CTV app so you can spot patterns and trends.

Partner integrations

Adjust supports CTV-CTV measurement on the following platforms.

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Google Marketing Platform
  • LG TV
  • Roku Endemic Media
  • Samsung TV
  • Vizio

Check the table under solution compatibility to see whether you can use our SDK integration or S2S integration to set up measurement with each partner.

How it works

Advertising for CTV apps typically appears on the connected TV platform: for example, the ad might be served on the connected TV homescreen or menu. This means it is not served via an app that is running on the CTV or OTT device.

An image showing a group of people viewing an ad on a connected TV and subsequently downloading the advertised CTV app.

Adjust uses both deterministic matching and probabilistic modeling to attribute CTV ad clicks and impressions to CTV app installs. This is because all connected TV platforms have their own advertising IDs that let us perform deterministic matching. As a fallback, we can use other datapoints, like the IP address, to perform probabilistic modeling.

Certain CTV partners operate as self-attributing networks. This means when you serve ads natively on a CTV platform, Adjust sends that partner the install data we track on their device. They respond by sending us ad engagement data and claiming the attribution. Partners who operate as SANs for CTV-CTV campaigns are Roku Endemic Media and Vizio.

As with mobile apps, a CTV app install is reported as a first session.

A graphic representing how attribution works for CTV campaigns promoting CTV apps.

Adjust’s CTV solution compatibility

Use the following table to explore Adjust’s current solutions and compatibility with different operating systems: