Connected TV attribution for CTV apps

Adjust’s SDK and S2S solutions offer deterministic attribution capabilities to measure connected TV app installs from campaigns run on connected TV devices.

Here you can learn more about how to get started measuring installs for connected TV apps with Adjust.

Adjust’s compatibility

Use the following table to explore Adjust’s current solutions and compatibility with different operating systems:

Track with the Adjust SDK

The Adjust SDK is compatible with various connected TV devices, such as Apple, Android, and Amazon TV. This lets you track campaigns with connected TV apps in the same way as you do for mobile apps.

The following diagram illustrates the attribution data flow.

  1. From a non-mobile device, the user views or clicks on an ad and Adjust receives the device/user ID via S2S.
  2. The OTT partner registers user activity.
  3. Adjust and the OTT partner then communicate the tracked activity and confirms the attribution.

Setup in your CTV app

1. Integrate the SDK

Find and copy your app token. You will need this when adding the SDK to your TV app.

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^)
  2. Select All Settings
  3. Select Show App Details (if the app token is hidden)

Once you have your app token, follow the guides below to set up the Adjust SDK for your app:

⚙️ iOS / Android

Make sure to use your TV app’s app token and complete all of the specific instructions for tvOS.

2. Create a tracker for your app

Create a tracker URL for your app in the Adjust dashboard. Give it an easily identifiable name, for example, “Apple TV” or “Android TV”.

  1. Find your app and select your app options caret (^)
  2. Select Tracker URLs
  3. To create a top-level tracker, select NEW TRACKER. To create a sublevel tracker, select an existing tracker, and then select NEW TRACKER.
  4. Enter a tracker name. Selecting a network is optional.
  5. Select QUICK CREATE

3. Set your tracker as the default in the SDK

Make the newly created tracker the Adjust SDK’s default tracker in your app. To do this, follow the steps in the “Pre-installed trackers” guide for your platform:

📖 iOS / Android

Be sure to replace {TrackerToken} in the Adjust SDK with the token from the TV tracker you created in step 2.

Your tracker token is a unique identifying string, for example, abc123, containing six or more alphanumeric characters appearing at the end of your tracker URL.

Example top-level tracker: https://app.adjust.com/abc123

Here, the tracker token is abc123.

After setup is complete, you’ll see all users from connected TV for your TV app in Adjust.

Track with S2S

To measure connected TVs on a non-iOS or Android device, you can set up S2S integration. Contact your Technical Account Manager or support@adjust.com for more information.