Campaign setup in Campaign Lab

For all the day-to-day tasks required for the set up and maintenance of your marketing campaigns, you can use Adjust's Campaign Lab. No matter whether you're focusing on paid or organic marketing, this is where you get a full overview of all your campaigns in one place.

With our guided setup you add the marketing partner you're working with and decide what data Adjust should share with them. Then, you can create any of the following to use in your campaign:

  • Click and impression links
  • QR codes
  • Deep links
  • Smart banners

Get started

Take a guided tour of Campaign Lab with an overview of how you can get started setting up networks and creating custom links for different types of campaigns.

Adjust's measurement partners

Adjust integrates with thousands of partners, from ad networks, to demand-side platforms (DSPs), analytics providers, affiliates, and many more. Below you can find a brief overview of each type of partner we work with, and links to the relevant guides for setting up campaigns with them.

If you're not working with a marketing partner, and instead are running campaigns through owned media like email or social media posts, or are working with influencers, you can create custom links in Campaign Lab.

Ad networks

Advertising networks match the demand from marketers wishing to run ads with the supply of ad inventory from different publishers. The network is responsible for bidding on the ad space and ensuring that the ads are consumed by an audience suited to the marketed product.

Adjust works with networks using either of the following integrations:

  • Custom built integration between Adjust and the network - You can choose to share data from all attribution sources (including data attributed to other networks and organic data), or data attributed to the specific network only. Information that may help identify the data’s attribution source, such as the network_name or campaign_name, is not shared with the network.
  • Dynamic integration - Append a callback URL to the Adjust link to share data with the network. You can only share data attributed to the network.

It doesn't matter what integration type your network uses with Adjust, the guided setup in Campaign Lab ensures you can get up-and-running quickly.

Analytics partners

Analytics partners have a custom built integration with Adjust.

Analytics partners do not run campaigns to drive app traffic or increase engagement. As a result, installs are never attributed to them.

Instead, analytics partners are interested in campaign data that can be used for segmentation and insight analysis. So, Adjust may share the attribution source data with analytics partners.

Self-attributing networks (SANs)

A self-attributing network (SAN) is an ad network that advertises on its own platform. SANs act as both publishers and networks, and can therefore measure conversions internally.

Adjust uses API calls rather than links to send information to the network.

This is how attribution with a SAN works:

  1. The Adjust SDK records an install or session.
  2. Adjust shares this install or session to the SAN via an API.
  3. If the network recognizes the activity, they claim the attribution (called self-attribution) by sharing the details from the last ad engagement on their side.
  4. Adjust then uses the engagement data we have from all networks (including non-SANs) to attribute the install to the last known engagement source.

SAN campaign managers

SAN campaign managers run campaigns on SAN platforms on behalf of their clients. Adjust shares only data attributed to their campaign with SAN campaign mangers. For the SAN campaign managers to receive this data, clients need to add a pre-decided keyword to the campaign name in Campaign Lab.