Custom link setup

Custom links are links created for campaigns that are not run through an ad network. These links can be used in emails, social media posts or profiles, owned websites, influencer campaigns, and so on.

With this end-to-end setup, you can:

  • Create a link for your apps
  • Add sub-level links
  • Set up deep links based on user's device type
  • Set attribution settings at the link level

Before you begin

Here's what you need to know before getting started.


  • Admin, Editor, or Custom Editor permissions
    • You should be able to create a link after you have added an app. If you face any issues, reach out to your Technical Account Manager or contact

Combined custom links

With custom links for a single-platform or a multi-platform app, you can only target the platforms that you've configured for that app.

If you're running a campaign where it is not possible to target a specific platform, you need to create a combined custom link.

Example: While running a campaign with an influencer on Instagram / YouTube, you do not know the devices of the target users. In this case, choose the Android app and iOS app that you added in AppView to create your combined custom link in Campaign Lab. A combined custom link has multiple link tokens specific to each app and can target users on Android and iOS with a single link.

Get started

To get started with creating your custom link, follow these steps.

  1. Under Campaign Lab, select Custom links.
  2. Select New link.
  3. In the App selection screen, choose the apps for which you want to create the link.
    • Choosing one single-platform app or a multi-platform app creates a link wth a single link token.
    • Choosing multiple apps configured for different platforms creates a combined link with multiple link tokens, each separated by an _. You can only select one app per platform.
  4. In the Link structure screen, add a name for your top-level channel link. Optionally, add campaign, adgroup, and creative sub-levels to set up your link structure.
  5. (Optional) In the User destinations screen, provide information for deep links, redirects, and fallbacks to add to your link.
  6. (Optional) In the Attribution settings screen, set custom attribution settings for new and existing users. These attribution settings are available for clicks only. If you skip this step, attribution settings that you chose during app setup will apply.
  7. In the Link review screen, review your choices, and make any changes as necessary.
  8. Select Create link to generate the click URL, QR code, and link token.

Next steps

Share the link with your team or partners to use in campaigns.