Advanced setup

Let Adjust help you choose the most effective mappings with Smart setup.

The Conversion Hub's Advanced setup mode gives you granular control over your SKAdNetwork campaigns. Choose the setup mode that suits your app and use the Conversion Hub to create bespoke mappings for your campaigns.

How does it work?

With Advanced setup, you can define how you want to measure your SKAdNetwork campaigns. Your mappings can be as simple or as detailed as you need them to be. The Conversion Hub gives you all the tools you need to ensure you get the most accurate measurements from your SKAdNetwork campaigns.

Choose the Setup mode that best suits your campaign:

  • 6 Bits – measure 6 different events to see how your users behave after installing your app.
  • 63 Conversion Values – map any combination of measurements to all 63 conversion values to get granular information from your SKAdNetwork campaigns.
  • Upload CSV – upload your conversion value mapping data in a CSV file.