Set up Apple Search Ads

Use Adjust's Apple Search Ads integration to track your performance marketing campaigns.

Basic setup

To automatically track installs for Apple Search Ads, integrate Adjust SDK version 4.4.5 (or later) with the iAd framework. Download the latest version of the Adjust SDK


How does Adjust track installs with Apple Search Ads?

Since API integrations don’t use Adjust tracker URLs, we send SANs every app session our SDK reports. If Apple Search Ads recognizes the activity, they respond with the device identifier and timestamp. Following our own attribution method, Adjust then uses the engagement data from all networks (including non-SANs) to attribute the install to the last tracked source.

What Apple Search Ads campaign data is passed to Adjust?

In Adjust, your Apple Search Ads campaign data automatically appears as:
  • network (top level): Apple Search Ads
    • campaign (sublevel 1): iad-campaign-name (iad-campaign-id)
      • adgroup (sublevel 2): iad-adgroup-name (iad-adgroup-id)
        • creative (sublevel 3): iad-keyword (iad-keyword-id)*
* If the iad-keyword-id is missing, then we didn't receive it from the Apple Search Ads API

**If you want to receive the creative set name and the creative set ID for your Apple Search Ad campaigns, add the {iad_creative_set_name} (creative set name) and the {iad_creative_set_id} (creative set ID) placeholders to your raw data exports. This data does not appear in your Adjust dashboard.

Why are some of my Apple Search Ads installs missing keyword data at the creative level in Adjust? 

Any Apple Search Ads install reported without a keyword (sublevel 3) is an attribution made to Apple's former ad network, iAd (deprecated December 31, 2016). To reduce discrepancies between the Adjust and Apple platforms, Adjust reassigned, and continues to report, all iAd attributions under the Apple Search Ads network. 

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