Permission levels

With different permission levels, you can define which apps, campaigns, links, and keywords your users can see. Permissions also control which features in Adjust are visible for them.




Custom Editor

Custom Reader


Partner level

Feature permissions

Some features in Adjust have restricted access. Use the menu below to find out exactly what permissions are required to access these features.

Add a new app

Ad revenue

Ad spend

App secrets

Audience Builder

Historical data

KPI Service

Testing Console

Set feature permissions

Adjust’s feature permissions manage Editor, Reader and Custom user access to metrics for:

  • Ad Spend data: includes all ad spend metrics. These are the points to consider when enabling this access:

    • Make sure to enable the View ad spend data toggle when editing user's custom permissions.
    • Configuring Links won't enable access to Ad spend data, instead you must select specific partners under the Partners tab.
    • Make sure to select at least one partner.
  • In-app Revenue data: revenue generated from events in the app.

  • Ad revenue data: revenue generated by the user viewing ads, only available with the Ad Revenue Growth Solution