Build your link structure

With Adjust's campaign parameters, you can create sublevel links and segment your attributed users. Having more link sublevels increases the granularity of information in your reports and gives you deeper insights into your data.

In the Link structure screen, follow these steps to add campaign parameters to your link.

  1. In the Channel field, enter a name for the channel level of your link. This name appears as the top-level structure in your reports. This step is mandatory, and you cannot proceed without providing this information.
  2. (Optional) Select Add campaign and enter a name for the campaign level of the link. You can use this field to distinguish between multiple campaigns that you are running on the same link.
  3. (Optional) Select Add adgroup and enter a name for the adgroup level of the link. You can use this field to segregate information like segment ID or placement ID.
  4. (Optional) Select Add creative and enter a name for the creative level of the link. You can use this field to gather insights about which creative works best for your campaigns.
  5. Select Next.
On engagement, Adjust automatically will create individual sublevel links only for those campaign parameters that you add here. The sublevel links use the same settings as your top-level link.

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Define custom data points

Once you've created your link, you can add a single custom data point to your link to analyze your data, outside of Adjust. This data point is not visible in your Dashboards or Reports, but can be exported in your server callbacks or cloud storage uploads.

To add a custom data point, follow these steps.

  1. On the Link structure tab, under Define your additional parameter, select Add parameter.
  2. Enter the custom data point name in the Label parameter field.
  3. Select Save.