Data residency

Data residency refers to the geographic location where you store user data in real life. You may need to store your users’ personal data in your geographic region for many reasons. This could be to abide by region-specific privacy laws and regulations. By using Adjust's dedicated real-world servers, your users’ data can stay where you want it to.

Growth solution:
Data Residency is available as an Adjust Growth Solution for clients located in Turkey, the USA, and the EEA. To set up Data Residency on your account, contact

How it works

Adjust currently offers Data Residency for the following regions:

  • United States of America (USA)
  • European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Turkey

Adjust is the only MMP that does not rely on cloud storage. This means we have dedicated real-world servers to store your users' data in these regions. Adjust reserves these servers for region-specific client data. These servers let you achieve explicit Data Residency. An endpoint is then used to direct data to these servers. This ensures that the data is routed in a way so that it remains inside a region. It remains there for processing and storage until deletion.

You can achieve explicit Data Residency by changing the endpoints in all requests. You also need to change the endpoints for deep links and S2S events. This ensures you send all data traffic to one of Adjust’s dedicated regional data centers.

The main Adjust endpoint is * Depending on your use case, you need to use one of the following regional endpoints:

RegionRegional endpointsDeep link endpointsS2S endpoints

These endpoints separate your European, North American, and Turkish data from other regions.

Benefits of implementing Data Residency

There are many benefits to implementing Adjust Data Residency. These include:

  • Explicit Data Residency: As compared to other MMPs, Adjust offers explicit Data Residency rather than implicit. This gives you control of the data pipeline, including the flow, processing, and storage of data. You keep your user data within the region of your choosing (US, EEA, or TR).

  • Minimal changes in the SDK: The only required change is to update the endpoints in the SDK. There is no further configuration or setup needed.

  • Reliable and accurate compliance: Our solution has been architectured with complete isolation of data and consideration of data privacy.

  • Cost-efficient: Cut reliance on third parties to achieve Data Residency. Adjust’s comprehensive solution ensures Data Residency throughout the data pipeline.

Data residency only applies to raw, user-level data. Once the data is aggregated, users can no longer be individually identified. This means the data is no longer a data privacy concern.

Data Residency exceptions

Some Adjust features are not available for your Data Residency compliant apps. This is because these features require access to the global data center. These features are:

You may be paying for some of these features already. The Adjust Sales team will reach out to you if there are any changes expected to your payment terms. Your non-data-compliant apps that use these features are not affected.

Data Residency FAQs

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