Subscription recording

Adjust no longer offers this version of subscription recording for new customers. If you are already set up with subscription recording, reach out to your dedicated Technical Account Manager or for support.

Subscription recording is a powerful tool for subscription-based app marketers. Use the data to better understand the value of your marketing spend and optimize future campaigns. Here are some of the key uses of subscription recording:

  • Measure signups for trial periods
  • Measure conversions from trials to paying subscribers
  • Use subscription data for retargeting


How long is subscription data stored?

If a user switches from an iOS to Android device, are they treated as a new user?

Does Adjust verify purchases made outside of the Apps App store and Google Play Store?

Can I receive data from Apple subscription services first and forward the data to Adjust?

Why doesn't Adjust record reactivation subscription events with Google?


While testing my SDK integration, I cannot see subscription event activity in my raw data or in Datascape

If you cannot see any subscription event data in either your BI system, or in Datascape, follow these troubleshooting steps.

  1. Check and confirm that you've shared the correct authentication credentials for the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Multiplatform apps require both sets of credentials.

  2. Check and confirm that you have properly implemented the Adjust SDK, following the instructions below:

  3. Ensure you are calling the trackSubscription method when the user completes the subscription purchase:

    • iOS: [Adjust trackSubscription:subscription];
    • Android: Adjust.trackPlayStoreSubscription(subscription);