Monetization dashboard

The Monetization dashboard provides detailed information about the running cost of your campaigns and the revenue they generate.

You can use the dashboard to see:

  • Which groups of users drive the most profit
  • Which of your ad revenue sources create the most profit
  • How much you are spending to bring in new users


Use the following widgets to analyze your data and see the metrics that are important to you:

  • Monetization KPIs - Shows an instant snapshot of the four main KPIs that you use to monitor the performance of your campaigns.

  • Monetization cohort analysis - Offers a high-level view of cohorted revenue activity for your campaigns, so you can quickly check if your cohorts are performing as expected.

  • Ad revenue trends - Displays the performance of ad revenue metrics by key dimensions.

  • In-app purchases - Lets you check the highest and lowest in-app purchases according to key monetization metrics.

  • Real-time performance report - Shows a complete breakdown of the monetization performance of your app marketing campaigns.

  • Post-install cohort metrics - Displays a table view of your top post-install cohort metrics to compare across your preferred dimension.