Delayed Attribution API

With the server-to-server Delayed Attribution API, TV partners can overwrite an install originally attributed to “Organic” for a device. This lets you claim an install up to 7 days after it happens.

Before you begin

  • To work with this API you will need an API token from Adjust. Reach out to to request this.


POST Method

This API requires the POST method to overwrite the device’s original organic install attribution.

You can only send us attribution information for installs up to 7 days old. Try making your callbacks to the API as frequent and early as possible.

API Parameters

Required parameters

Device ID parameters

You must include at least one of the following parameters, and as many as possible.

Optional Parameters


curl  -d adid=e3f5536a141811db40efd6400f1d0a4e  \\
      -d tracker=foobar                         \\
      -d partner_token=asd123asd123             \\
      -d campaign=test123                       \\
      -d adgroup=test123                        \\
      -d creative=test123                       \\

Example response

HTTP Status 2XX

If the interface returns an error, this is usually because the device is unknown or the posted adid cannot be found.