iOS: AppTrackingTransparency and SKAdNetwork

In 2020, Apple announced new user privacy regulations that impact how advertisers can target users on iOS devices running iOS 14 and above. This change comes in the form of Apple's ATT framework and SKAdNetwork. As of iOS 14, app developers need to request user consent to record their users’ data. Without this consent, app developers/ publishers cannot access the IDFA.

Adjust’s solutions are meant to ease the transition for marketers and developers over to using Apple’s ATT framework and SKAdNetwork.

As our partner, you play a crucial role in helping advertisers engage with existing users and acquire new users. In this section, we share information on how Adjust helps you in supporting advertisers with these changes. If you would like to learn more about our marketer-facing documentation, see Marketer: AppTrackingTransparency and SKAdNetwork.

Use these links to find out more about Apple’s changes on iOS14+, and how you can share SKAdNetwork data with Adjust.