Dynamic Integration

As an Adjust Technology Partner, you can use our dynamic integration for technical flexibility and customization. This is particularly useful for any campaign-specific requirements your clients may have.

Most of Adjust's technology partners who offer user acquisition solutions leverage the dynamic integration, as it gives them access to real-time campaign data using callbacks.


  • Have the flexibility to dynamically append your callback URLs to an advertiser's tracker URL, so you don't need to hardcode them in our system.
  • Start running campaigns immediately and easily change your callbacks as necessary.
  • As an Adjust Technology Partner get added to the Campaign Wizard, our tracker generation tool on the advertiser dashboard.
You can request custom access to the advertiser dashboard with tracker-level permissions and view aggregated campaign data.

Integrate with the Campaign Wizard

The Campaign Wizard is a tracker generation tool on the Adjust advertiser dashboard. Our clients use this tool to select the networks they want to run campaigns with and create ready-to-use network-specific trackers with their callbacks appended. For more information on this subject, use our advertisers' guide to set up Adjust trackers.

Get registered

If your network is not yet listed in the Campaign Wizard, register as a Technology Partner so we can start the integration process.

To register, complete the Adjust Technology Partners registration form with as much information as you can. For example, if you share your install callback URL, Adjust can set the integration so that your clients build tracker URLs with it automatically included.

If you have questions about how to complete the form, please reach out to integration@adjust.com.

Integration to the Campaign Wizard can take a few days to complete, but you can still get started right away with the next setup steps.