Link limit

Adjust uses a link limit at each campaign level to protect against dashboard performance issues. Here, you can learn how to optimize your use of the available link structure and avoid hitting the link limit.

Link campaign levels

Adjust links have four levels. You can use these levels to organize your link structure for improved data analysis. The levels are:

Use case
Level 1: Network-levelThis is the top-level link and the one that is there by default when you create a new link.
Level 2: Campaign-levelThis link sublevel can be used for individual campaigns to separate them from each other.

For example: Campaign A and Campaign B can still be under the same Network level link.
Level 3: Adgroup-levelThis link sublevel should be used to identify one, or many, adgroups that exist under a specific campaign level.

For example: Adgroup A and Adgroup B can belong to Campaign A
Level 4: Creative-levelThis link sublevel associates with various creatives attached to an ad group (i.e. Banner 1, flyer 4, et).

For example: Banner-1 and flyer-4 can both belong to Adgroup A, which belongs to Campaign A.

When you take advantage of the link levels and set up a logical structure using the different available sublevels, your data analysis should also become smoother. Here's an example of how your link structure can look using all available sublevels:

The intended use of the Adjust campaign structure is to help you to optimize your campaigns. When used in a non-intended or excessive way, we aggregate bottom-level links to the above level. When this happens, any data associated will be displayed under "unknown".

Adjust's link limit

Adjust limits the number of sublevel links that can be created at each level. The limit is intended to prevent you from creating too many unique links that only contain a small amount of data. By default, the link limit is set at 10,000.

How does it work?

For a single Network link, you can have up to 10,000 different Campaigns. The same rule then applies to the other sublevels; a single Campaign can have up to 10,000 Ad Groups, and a single Ad Group can have up to 10,000 Creatives.

Sometimes, it can be possible to increase this limit to 25,000 using the parameter tracker_limit=25000. However, this is not recommended as it can affect dashboard reporting performance.


If you find out you've hit your limit of 10,000 Ad Groups for a single Campaign, here's what you can do to manage the link hierarchy more efficiently:

  • Create a new Campaign and distribute your Ad Groups between the campaigns.
  • Use the Creative level within each Ad Group, rather than always creating a new Ad Group.

Get in touch

We always recommend that you and your clients organize your Adjust links in a way that makes data analysis easier. When structured well, the link limit shouldn't be a problem. However, if you have taken this approach and are still affected by the limit, or have any questions about Adjust's link structure and limits, then contact your Adjust integrations manager or