SKAdNetwork for partners

SKAdNetwork is Apple’s own attribution framework for app install and reinstall attribution without access to user-level data. This means that Apple performs attribution and notifies the network only if an attribution took place. Networks can then send a postback with the data to Adjust. Adjust aggregates and reports the data from all ad networks that an advertiser runs campaigns with. 

For access to the SKAdNetwork, you need to first register with Apple. Next, developers must ensure that their apps are compatible with your network and the SKAdNetwork framework.

How it works

The SKAdNetwork leverages App Store download data to perform attribution. This means there is no device-level data tracked or shared, and that SKAdNetwork data is separate to Adjust-tracked data.  

Depending on which version of SKAdNetwork you are working with, Apple's postbacks will change. This is because from SKAN 4, Apple changes certain aspects of how reporting ad attributions works.

To learn more, you can read our marketer-focused documentation on how SKAN 4 works.

For in-depth information on how to work with all versions of SKAN, use Apple's developer documentation:

No matter which SKAdNetwork version you work with, Apple does not share SKAN attribution data in real-time. To ensure user privacy, there is always an enforced period between an install and the postback that you receive with attribution data.

Partner integrations

Adjust integrates with a number of partners for SKAdNetwork data. As our partner, you can support iOS campaigns for our mutual clients - app publishers and advertisers - and provide them with valuable insights, all while supporting user privacy and consent.

To continue supporting our mutual clients in the best possible way, we are growing our list of integrations with compatible network partners for SKAdNetwork data.

Contact us at today to become a SKAN partner.

Integrate with Adjust

After Apple performs attribution, Apple sends a SKAdNetwork postback to you. As a network partner, you share a postback with Adjust containing information from the SKAdNetwork payload and any additional metadata or campaign data. Clients can see this aggregated data in Datascape, or in their data exports.


  • Register your ad network with Apple to receive a unique ad network ID from Apple. Example: example123.skadnetwork
  • Verify that you receive SKAdNetwork postbacks from Apple.


After you register your ad network with Apple, you can integrate with Adjust. Complete the following steps to become an integrated partner with Adjust:

  1. Reach out to your Partnerships Manager or contact us at
  2. Review our proposal to become an integrated partner, and confirm that you want to start testing.
  3. Share the SKAdNetwork postback that you received from Apple.
  4. Add additional information to the SKAdNetwork postback, such as timestamp and additional campaign information.
  5. Our Integrations team will work with you to conduct testing.
  6. Once successfully tested, we’ll post details of the integration on our dedicated page for app marketers.