Tracker limit

Here you can learn how to optimize your campaign structure and avoid the tracker limit. Adjust trackers have four hierarchical levels with a limit of 10,000 trackers per level. This limit exists to prevent you from amassing a lot of trackers that only contain a small amount of data. Without a proper tracker structure, you can hit this limit before you know it. This slows down the dashboard and can make data analysis difficult.

Tracker levels

Adjust trackers can be drilled down into four main levels. This lets you optimize and organize your tracker structure for better data analysis. These levels are:

Tracker levelUse case
Level 1: Network-levelThis is the top-level tracker and the one that is there by default when you create a new tracker.
Level 2: Campaign-levelThis tracker level can be used for individual campaigns to separate them from each other.
For example: Campaign A and Campaign B can still be under the same Network level tracker.
Level 3: Adgroup-levelThis tracker sub-level should be used to identify one, or many, adgroups that exist under a specific campaign level.
For example: Adgroup A and Adgroup B can belong to Campaign A
Level 4: Creative-levelThis tracker sub-level associates with various creatives attached to an ad group (i.e. Banner 1, flyer 4, et).
For example: Banner-1 and flyer-4 can both belong to Adgroup A, which belongs to Campaign A.
The intended use of the Adjust campaign structure is to help you to optimize your campaigns. When used in a non-intended or excessive way, we aggregate bottom-level links to the above level. When this happens, any data associated will be displayed under "unknown".

Here’s an example of how to append all tracker levels to your tracker URL:

Tracker limits

By default, Adjust limits you to 10,000 unique trackers per tracker level. This means there is a 10,000 tracker limit on each of the four levels. Tracker limits exist to prevent too many unique trackers being created. Without optimization, too little data gets spread across too many individual trackers. This slows down clients’ dashboard performance and reduces clients’ ability to analyze these reports.

That said when you take full advantage of the tracker levels, these limits are less reachable. This means a proper tracker structure and use of sub-levels take your data analysis to the next level. A quick example of this can be seen below:

You and your clients can organize your trackers in a way that makes data analysis easier. If you have taken this approach and are still affected by the limit, then contact your Adjust integrations manager.

For any questions about Adjust's campaign structure and tracker limits, contact