iOS: AppTrackingTransparency and SKAdNetwork

With iOS 14, Apple introduced new user privacy regulations. These new rules change how you can target users on iOS devices running iOS 14 and above. On devices running iOS 14+, you need user consent to access a device's IDFA if you are collecting data and sharing it with partners for tracking purposes.

To measure on iOS 14+, you need to follow the terms of Apple's AppTrackingTransparency (ATT). Apple's ATT framework enables you to capture a user's consent status with a simple in-app pop-up selector. Apple's SKAdNetwork also enables you to measure user engagement in a privacy-respecting way even if the user does not consent to data sharing.

Adjust's solutions give you the support you need at every step of the process. From built-in ATT support in our SDK, to SKAdNetwork campaign management, to powerful reporting tools, we offer a comprehensive solution to managing your campaigns on iOS 14 and above.

Adjust solutions

  • App Tracking Transparency Support

Adjust's support for App Tracking Transparency uses the Adjust SDK wrapper function to present the app-tracking authorization request to users. This lets you optimize your chances of gaining the user opt-in by choosing when to launch the request in your app.

Our SDK wrapper means there's no extra work to implement Apple’s ATT API. When the wrapper is called the first time, the iOS pop-up launches. Every time after, the wrapper retrieves the tracking authorization status and Adjust relays the information directly back to you. This seamless solution lets you receive real-time updates when a user changes their consent status.

  • SKAdNetwork & Conversion Values

Leverage your SKAdNetwork attribution data and handle your conversion value management in the Adjust dashboard with minimum hassle. This includes setting conversion value windows and event mappings. Then, collect raw SKAdNetwork data to analyze and drive campaign optimization.

  • Data Canvas

Data Canvas gives you the ability to visualize your SKAdNetwork data in a quick and simple manner. Not only can you see which of your campaigns drove the highest number of installs, but you can also compare your data for installs versus reinstalls and much more. With it, you can deep-dive into your data and find trends and correlations that you may not have been previously identified.

  • Automate

Automate enables you to generate tabular reports of your data. Keep track of your iOS campaigns across all of your apps, partners, and networks using Automate's comprehensive selection of metrics. We provide several templates for working with SKAdNetwork data in Automate to make keeping on top of your SKAdNetwork campaigns even easier.

  • Raw data exports

Raw data exports give you access to raw data from each device. You can import this data into your own data warehouse to perform analysis using your existing analytics setup. Raw data can be exported to your cloud storage provider as CSV files, or straight to your servers using real-time callbacks.