Track MoPub ad revenue

With Adjust's MoPub integration, you can see real-time impression-level revenue data. This helps you optimize your paid UA campaigns with granular and actionable data insights. When linked to your MoPub account, you can send unaggregated, device-level data to your BI or cloud storage system.

Before you begin

Here's what you need to know before getting started.


  • Purchase of Adjust's ad revenue package (contact for more information)

Set up ad revenue tracking with MoPub

Adjust offers an SDK to SDK integration with MoPub (available in Adjust SDK version 4.18.0+ and MoPub SDK version 5.7.0+). 

For detailed setup instructions, see our developer guides: 

Export your ad revenue data

There are two ways to export your ad revenue data:

Note: MoPub sends one callback per impression and the data is real-time.

To export user-level ad revenue data, append placeholders to your callback strings or include them in your CSV definition:

Adjust placeholderValue delivered
{revenue_float}Revenue in whole currency units, as reported by the Adjust SDK
{revenue}Revenue in cents, as reported by the Adjust SDK
{currency}Original ISO 4217 currency code reported by the Adjust SDK
{revenue_usd}Revenue in US dollars
{revenue_usd_cents}Revenue in US cents
{reporting_currency}Revenue in whole currency units, as reported in the Adjust dashboard
{ad_impressions_count}Number of mobile ads served to end users
{ad_revenue_network}Ad network that displayed the ad
{ad_revenue_unit}Ad unit that generated the revenue
{ad_revenue_placement}User placement as defined on the platform
{ad_mediation_platform}Mediation platform name
{ad_revenue_payload}Impression-level revenue data (ILRD) as a JSON


How do I receive device-level ad revenue data?

Adjust sends device-level ad revenue data through real-time callbacks and CSV uploads. To access individual purchase data directly from your BI system and/or cloud storage solution, follow our export instructions above. Note that your Adjust dashboard only displays aggregated data.