Test your callbacks

We recommend that you test your callback URL before launching your campaign. This ensures that your callback is set up correctly and you can receive data that you need from Adjust-immediately after Adjust tracks the event. This also reduces the need to troubleshoot live traffic.

Before campaign launch

Adjust has a dedicated test tracker you can use to test your callback URL. This uses the tracker token cbtest. The cbtest tracker sends a simulated callback to your callback URL. You can use callback, install_callback, or event_callback parameters to test your callback URL.

  1. In your tracker URL, replace the tracker token that you received from your client with cbtest.
    Example: https://app.adjust.com/cbtest?install_callback=http%3A%2F%2Fmynetworkserver.com%2Fcallback.php%3Fparameter%3D{parameter}
  2. Click the cbtest tracker to trigger your callback. This tracker does not redirect you to the app store and does not require a test install. If your callback is triggered successfully, you should see this:
callbackTest called: http://mynetworkserver.com/callback.php?parameter={parameter}
  1. Check your server logs to see if you have registered the callback. If you have, then everything is running smoothly.

After campaign launch

In addition to testing your callback URL before launching the campaign, you can also test your callback URL using a live tracker and a live app.

Before you test a live tracker URL with the install_callback parameter, ensure that you do either of the following:
  1. Request a tracker URL from your client, and append your encoded install callback URL to the tracker URL.
    • If you have integrated with the Campaign Wizard, then the tracker URL contains the install callback URL.
  2. Click the final, encoded URL. You are redirected to the app store and as soon as you install and open the app, your callback is triggered. Adjust permanently attributes your device to the tracker when you install and open the app for the first time.
  3. Check that you have received data according to the placeholders that you appended in the callback.

If something is not right, contact us at integration@adjust.com.

Test a tracker URL

Here’s a more detailed guide on the tracker and callback testing process.

New tracker URLs or callbacks should be tested before launching any campaigns. Here, we highlight the proper methods to test your tracker URLs and callbacks once you have received them from the advertiser.

The goal of testing is to confirm that the install is correctly attributed. Testing also lets you see that the install callback was sent and received.

To test your tracker URLs, follow these steps:

  1. If the app you are testing is already on your device then it should first be uninstalled.
  2. Request the advertiser to forget the testing device's GPS_ADID(Android) or IDFA(iOS) in the testing console.
  3. Download the Adjust Insights app and copy the advertising ID of your device.
  4. Append the advertising ID at the end of the tracker (for deterministic matching) as seen below:
    • iOS: https://app.adjust.com/pthdmn2?idfa=AC336E89-3144-4CA3-A801-E90F38E9ADE2...
    • Android: https://app.adjust.com/pthdmn2?gps_adid=0d9ca8ff-e9ea-4941-a927-53851df0b304…

For dynamic and module partners

  1. Find a way to host your tracker URL for testing. You can choose a method or tool that works best for you.

  2. Click on the tracker URL you want to test using the device you want to install the app on.

  3. Install the App from the App Store or Play Store. Launch it and perform some events.

  4. Have the advertiser check the testing console to see if the install was tracked and attributed. Once confirmed, then check to see if you have received the callback.

    • Dynamic integrations: If you receive the install callback, this means the install was successfully tracked and attributed to you.
    • Module integrations: If you receive the install callback, this means the install has been tracked. However, it does not necessarily confirm it was attributed to you. To confirm this, contact the advertiser and ask them to check in Adjust.
  5. The advertiser can check their stats in the Adjust dashboard. This can take five to thirty minutes to update.