Datascape is your one-stop-shop for data reporting, visualization, and analysis. With different dedicated dashboards, and a powerful report builder, you can pull-in, pivot, and drill-down into the dimensions that matter most to you. Analyze and compare network data, attribution data, SKAdNetwork data, and ATT consented installs all from one intuitive interface.


In our Dashboards, view your campaign data in the form of appealing visual charts and tables.

  • Spot high-level trends, outliers, and patterns in different aspects of your campaign data.
  • Access ‘at-a-glance’ trends and drill down for more detailed performance metrics.
  • Get detailed information about the growth of your users, including how your cohorts are performing.
  • Review the running cost of your campaign and the revenue that it generates.
  • Analyze the data that you receive from Apple’s SKAdNetwork and see which users completed in-app events or track installs and reinstalls with a specific partner.
  • Use the default dashboards to meet your own business-specific analysis requirements.


With Reports, you access more detailed aggregated reports and analytics that inform you about all aspects of your campaign.

  • See total numbers of installs and impressions along with reports and analytics for cohorts.
  • Get a comprehensive set of data about your campaign for each network for comparison and optimization.
  • Clearly see the behavior of your key metrics, such as the overall click-through rate (CTR) and the cost per install (CPI).
  • Drill down for extensive insight into your cohorts and determine a variety of User Acquisition metrics and Monetization metrics for each cohort.