Purchase verification

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With Adjust's Purchase verification solution, the Adjust SDK can automatically recognize in-app purchase events, trigger the receipt verification process with the app store, and report the verification result in Adjust.

  • Built into the main Adjust SDK with no separate integration necessary
  • Efficient fraud tracking with watertight security
  • Dynamic revenue split reporting in Datascape to see fraudulent or unverified revenue
Growth solution:
Purchase Verification is available as a Growth Solution. Reach out to your Adjust representative or sales@adjust.com for information about how to get this on your package.

How it works

A diagram showing how purchase verification works between Adjust and the store.

The Adjust SDK validates transaction data with the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in real-time. When all of your in-app purchases are verified with the actual store and not a counterfeit source, you can be confident that what you see in Adjust matches your app store revenue reporting.

The verification process involves taking the transaction ID (for iOS) or transaction payload (for Android) and confirming its authenticity with the App Store or Play Store via API call. All data is pre-processed before a verification request is sent to ensure reliable verification. For iOS, we preprocess and post-process the data in order to ensure a reliable final verification status.

Adjust classifies each event into one of four categories: passed, failed, not verified, or verified unknown. You can access the verification results for these events, along with their associated revenue, as metrics in your Adjust reports for comprehensive analysis.

What is in-app purchase fraud?

In-app purchase fraud is when a fraudster fakes a purchase receipt from an app store. This makes it seem as though a purchase has been completed within your app but not the related app store. This allows them to receive the in-app product for free.

Use cases



Next steps

To get started using Purchase verification, you need to set up the Adjust SDK to send event revenue for purchase verification. Follow the steps in our developer documentation for your development platform:

Once that's done, reach out to your Adjust representative or support@adjust.com to find out about next steps and activating the solution in our dashboard.

When you're all set up, learn more about how to view your Purchase verification reporting data.