CTV app measurement with S2S integration

To measure connected TV app installs on a non-iOS or Android TV device, you can set up S2S integration. Unlike using measurement with CTV links and the Adjust SDK implemented in the app, the data required for attribution is shared between the CTV platform, client and Adjust server-to-server.

How it works

Adjust's integration with CTV measurement partners can use two approaches to attribution. The first relies solely on Adjust attribution methods, whereby data is shared with Adjust to perform the matching between ad engagement and install. The second approach involves partners using a self-attributing model, in which Adjust shares app install data and the network matches this to an ad engagement they recorded.

Adjust attribution: When you place an Adjust link behind an ad on connected TV, we receive the ad engagement data. Through the server-to-server integration set up between the client and Adjust, we receive in-app activity data. We then perform attribution using the platform ID and other datapoints.


Partner attribution

Use the table below to see what kind of attribution each of our S2S partners uses.

PartnerAdjust AttributionSelf-Attribution (SAN)
Amazon Fire TV✔ 
Android TV✔ 
Apple TV✔ 
Samsung TV✔ 
Adjust offers both SDK and S2S integration with Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV.

Set up campaigns with non-SAN partners

If you are running a campaign with a partner who uses Adjust attribution, rather than self-attribution, follow the steps below to set up your campaign.


  • CTV AdVision growth solution on your account.
  • Only Admins, Editors, and Custom Editors can add CTV apps in Adjust.

1. Add your CTV app to the dashboard

The first step is to add your CTV app to the Adjust dashboard. Follow the steps outlined in our CTV app setup guide for in-depth guidance.

2. Create a link for your app

Create an Adjust link your CTV app to use in your ad campaigns. Give it an easily identifiable name, for example, “Apple TV” or “Android TV”.

If you are running the campaign through an ad network, create the link by following the instructions under ad network setup.

If you are running the campaign yourself, create a custom link that is not tied to a particular network.

Put this link behind the ads you serve.

3. Set up the S2S integration

When you set up server-to server integration with Adjust, you only send Adjust in-app session and event data through S2S API calls.


  • For details on the requirements for your in-app solution, refer to Adjust's server-to-server attribution checklist.
  • All requests to Adjust servers must be made in the same sequential order they occur on the device.
  • Always include the os_name in your request. This can be:
    • android
    • ios
    • fire-tv
    • roku
    • tizen
    • vizio

Send sessions

Sessions are the base of all attribution and measurement in Adjust. They trigger when a user resumes using an app from the background or when they open the app.

To send Adjust sessions, use our S2S sessions API.

Endpoint: https://s2s.adjust.com/session

Send in-app events

To send Adjust in-app event data, use our S2S events API.

Endpoint: https://s2s.adjust.com/event