Set up limited tracker-level permissions

Adjust’s limited tracker- and keyword-level permissions let you grant customized dashboard access at granular levels, so that we only display the data you want to the dashboard users you choose.

To enable data visibility on a per-tracker basis, follow these steps.

  1. Select MENU to open the main navbar
  2. Select My Account > Users > ADD USER
  3. Enter the user's email address
  4. Select CUSTOM > App Access
  5. Select the appropriate app and set the user's access to CUSTOM. A full list of tracked sources will appear.
  6. Check the appropriate tracker URL(s) and select ON
  7. Select APPLY until you return to the Create User screen and select CREATE

To update an existing user's permissions, select the options caret (^) next to the appropriate user and select Permissions.

There may be instances where you only want users to see some of the sub-level information listed for an Adjust-tracked source. In these cases, you can also set up limited keyword-level permissions on a per-tracker basis.

1. Select MENU to open the main navbar