Accepted device identifiers

Adjust recognizes the following advertising and device IDs as valid forms of identification for conducting attribution when provided within the parameters below.

Advertising and device IDs are defined as follows:

  • Advertising ID
    • Used explicitly for advertising purposes. Device users have the option to reset the ID or can refuse to share it (such as limit ad tracking settings).
    • Adjust stores advertising IDs and they can be used for retargeting purposes.
  • Device ID
    • Permanently attached to the device without users having the option to reset it or deny sharing rights.
    • Adjust does not record device IDs by default, nor do we store raw device IDs; we only use them for attribution purposes.

Advertising IDs

ParameterID TypeFormat
fire_adidRaw Amazon Fire advertising IDLowercase, with hyphens
gps_adidRaw Google advertising IDLowercase, with hyphens
gps_adid_upper_md5Hashed Google advertising IDUppercase, with hyphens, MD5
gps_adid_lower_md5Hashed Google advertising IDLowercase, with hyphens, MD5
gps_adid_upper_sha1Hashed Google advertising IDUppercase, with hyphens, SHA1
gps_adid_lower_sha1Hashed Google advertising IDLowercase, with hyphens, SHA1
idfaRaw IDFAUppercase, with hyphens
idfa_lower_md5Hashed IDFALowercase, with hyphens, MD5 hash
idfa_lower_sha1Hashed IDFALowercase, with hyphens, SHA1 hash
idfa_upper_md5Hashed IDFAUppercase, with hyphens, MD5 hash
idfa_upper_sha1Hashed IDFAUppercase, with hyphens, SHA1 hash
idfa_shortRaw IDFAWithout hyphens
oaid*Raw OAIDLowercase, with hyphens
oaid_lower_md5*Hashed OAIDLowercase, with hyphens, MD5 hash


Raw Windows advertising IDWithout hyphens

* Only available for Android devices and requires the OAID plugin.  

Device IDs

ParameterID TypeFormat
android_id*Raw Android IDLowercase, without hyphens
android_id_lower_md5*Hashed Android IDLowercase, MD5
android_id_lower_sha1*Hashed Android IDLowercase, SHA1
android_id_upper_md5*Hashed Android IDUppercase, MD5
android_id_upper_sha1*Hashed Android IDUppercase, SHA1
idfv**Raw IDFVUppercase, with hyphens
imeiRaw IMEIWithout hyphens
imei_lower_md5Hashed IMEILowercase, without hyphens
meidRaw MEIDUppercase, without hyphens
win_naidRaw Windows network adapter IDLowercase, with hyphens
win_hwidRaw Windows Store hardware IDWithout hyphens

*Adjust only uses the Android ID for attribution when either the gps_adid or the oaid are unavailable.
**The IDFV should be used when running cross-promotional campaigns (e.g., via email) targeting users with LAT enabled. The IDFV provides more accurate attribution than only relying on probabilistic modeling.