The reftag is a unique Adjust-generated identifier used for device matching. Our systems assigns a reftag to the following activities:

  • impression
  • san_impression
  • click
  • san_click
  • install

If an install is organic, then it keeps the reftag created for it. If Adjust attributes the install to an engagement, then we assign the reftag from the engagement to the install.

If a reattribution or reattribution reinstall occurs, Adjust assigns the reftag from the attributed engagement to the reattribution or reattribution reinstall.

{reftag} and {reftags} placeholders

The {reftag} placeholder (singular) represents the single reftag ID that Adjust creates or assigns for each activity.

The {reftags} placeholder (plural) is a JSON list that contains the reftags for all valid engagements considered, but not selected, for attribution. The {reftags} placeholder is available on these activities:

  • install
  • reattribution
  • reattribution reinstall

To be included on the {reftags} JSON list, an engagement must:

  1. Match the device using one of Adjust's attribution methods.
  2. Meet the attribution criteria. For example, fall within the attribution window.
  3. Pass all fraud filters.

Here’s an example {reftags} value:


Use case

Web attribution


Google Play Referrer matching