Conversion Hub

A banner graphic for the Adjust Conversion Hub.

Adjust's Conversion Hub is your one-stop-shop for creating conversion value mappings. Whether you're an experienced SKAdNetwork professional or just starting out, Conversion Hub gives you all the tools you need to get the most out of your SKAdNetwork campaigns.

  • Different setup models available to suit your experience with SKAdNetwork
  • Leverage Adjust's predicted learning models to suggest a mapping that fits your app
  • Set up CV mappings that align with your measurement goals


Get started

  1. Conversion Hub overview - see the conversion value mappings for any app at a glance, and make settings changes based upon your activity distribution.
  2. Smart setup – let Adjust create tailored mappings for your app based on your historical data and Adjust's knowledge of your app category. Adjust's machine learning algorithm generates the conversion value mappings that work best for your app.
  3. Advanced setup – measure exactly what you want to by creating your own mappings. Use the Conversion Hub's built-in editor or upload your mappings as a CSV.