SKAdNetwork Conversion Value mapping API

Adjust's SKAdNetwork Conversion Value mapping API enables marketers to share parts of their conversion value mapping schema with network partners. This gives network partners more insight into campaign performance and helps advertisers optimize their campaigns with the network as well as within Adjust.

The SKAdNetwork Conversion Value mapping API enables select partners to request details about conversion value mapping via a GET request. Adjust gives the advertiser granular control over which details each network partner may see.

Before you begin

Before you can get started, you need to ensure the following:

  1. The target app is configured to use SKAdNetwork. See Get started with ATT & SKAdNetwork for more information.
  2. The target app's Conversion Value mapping is configured within Adjust. See the Conversion Hub section for more information. Conversion values you want to share with your network partner must be mapped to partner-specific events.
  3. The advertiser has configured data sharing for the network partner on the target app. See Choose data sharing options for more information.

API behavior

The SKAdNetwork Conversion Value mapping API returns a full list of mappings available to the network partner that makes the request. The following rules apply:

  • The API returns a list of mapped conversion values that the marketer has chosen to share with the network partner.
  • The API returns only mapping information that is current at the time of the request. The network partner must make a request each time they want to update the mapping information.
  • Only information relating to the network partner is shared. This means that the advertiser must link custom events to partner-specific events for the partner to accesss this information.
  • To get access to revenue information, the advertiser must enable revenue sharing within the network settings for each app.

Get started

Check out the API endpoint documentation for the target SKAdNetwork version: