App ID verification

If you are working with SKAdNetwork, you need to have your App ID verified. Your App ID is an important identifier that Apple uses to uniquely identify your app in the App Store. The App ID is returned as part of SKAdNetwork callbacks to identify your application.

If your App ID is not verified, you cannot use SKAdNetwork features. You need to request verification for your App ID to start using SKAdNetwork with Adjust.

Before you begin


  • App ID verification is available for all iOS apps on all accounts.
If App ID verification is not available, reach out to your Technical Account Manager or contact us at support@adjust.com to verify your app.


Why do I need to verify my App ID?

When Adjust receives information from SKAdNetwork, it contains the App ID. It does not contain the app's Bundle ID. Adjust needs to be able to verify ownership of an app to attribute SKAdNetwork callbacks to it. If an App ID is not verified, it is not possible to report SKAdNetwork results accurately.

How do I request verification?

You can request verification in your Adjust dashboard by following these steps:

  1. Find your app and select the options caret (^).
  2. Select All settings > iOS 14+ Settings > SKAdNetwork.
  3. Select REQUEST VERIFICATION. A pop-up displays confirming that you have requested verification.
  4. Select the tick icon (✔) to confirm.

The dashboard triggers an email to Support or your Technical Account Manager. The App ID verification status shows as iOS App ID verification requested. After Support or your Technical Account Manager confirms your App ID, the App ID verification status will show as iOS App ID verified.

1. Navigate to your app and select your app options caret (^).


You can check the status of your verification request in the platforms menu. The dashboard also displays the verification status as a badge on the App Store icon. Once Adjust has verified your App ID, you can use SKAdNetwork features in your app.

If your App ID has not been verified, the App Store icon displays a yellow badge with an iOS App ID not verified message.