SKAN dashboard

SKAdNetwork (SKAN) is Apple’s own attribution framework for app install and reinstall attribution. SKAN leverages App Store download data to perform attribution. This means there is no device-level data tracked or shared, and that your SKAN data is separate from your Adjust-tracked data.

You can set up your SKAN conversion mappings in just a few steps with Adjust’s Conversion Hub. Use data from the SKAN dashboard to get a high-level analysis of how effectively you are acquiring users from your SKAN campaigns, and how valuable these users are. Use this data to optimize your campaigns.

You can use the dashboard to instantly see:

  • Which campaigns are driving the most installs for iOS users
  • What are your over-time metrics for each channel
  • Which channels triggered your mapped values


  • SKAN total installs - Shows you the combined total installs and reinstalls from a campaign.

  • SKAN user acquisition analysis - Shows the distribution of SKAN installs that had a conversion value included in the install postback versus those that did not.

  • Activity distribution - Provides a histogram showing you the overall distribution of conversion values with filtering by partner and campaign name.

  • SKAN metric trends - Displays a breakdown of your mapped metrics by the selected dimension.

  • SKAN performance analysis - Displays your SKAN installs and reinstalls alongside key revenue and ad spend metrics, to let you understand the performance of your campaign strategy.

  • SKAN events breakdown per rolling 24-hour period - Gives you a detailed breakdown of the events that are triggered in your mapped conversion values.