Cloud storage uploads

You can automatically export your raw user data to cloud storage with Adjust’s cloud storage uploads.

Using cloud storage uploads

We recommend that you use cloud storage uploads alongside server callbacks, setting up the same placeholders on the same data points. The cloud storage will act as a backup, ensuring that no data is lost if your server experiences downtime. Should you experience any server outages, you can use the data that continues to come into your cloud storage solution to fill in the gaps.

Adjust uploads CSV data files to your storage bucket every hour on the hour. There is no fixed number of CSV files sent per hour.

You can use the raw data to build your own database, analyze your users the way you want, or recall data instantly, without ever having to request Adjust logs.

Cloud storage file format specifications

  • Encoding: UTF-8, no BOM
  • Delimiter: Comma with double quote qualifier
  • Row delimiter: Line Feed (LF)
  • Compression: gzip

Format your CSV definition

Your CSV definition determines how your data appears in your cloud storage upload files. Each value you enter here will be used to create a column.

A CSV definition consists of 3 elements:

Adjust placeholders



Example definition and output

Here's an example CSV definition:

"My app is great",{gps_adid},user_id,{installed_at},{event_name},item_number,{reporting_revenue}

It creates this cloud storage upload output:

"My app is great"{gps_adid}user_id{installed_at}{event_name}item_number{reporting_revenue}
My app is great25646300-2du4-27sj-e51n-18t84n20000k110492016-04-04T23:16UTCLevel4Complete  
My app is great38400000-8cf0-11bd-b23e-10b96e40000d
My app is great84857208-3if4-36if-e05s-02y77p29411g517592016-12-04T13:54UTCpurchase500coins010$20.00
My app is great84729047-2wf4-94gq-x31k-36u43y849000g200532016-06-01T08:25UTCSign up

CSV file naming convention

Naming convention

Adjust uses the appToken_timestamp_hash_partToken.csv.gz naming convention for CSV files.

  • appToken: Your app token
  • timestamp: The start of the hour (cloud storage uploads are hourly)
  • hash: A unique hash created from the CSV definition. When you change your CSV definition, a new hash and thus new files will be created.
  • partToken: A unique, randomly-generated alphanumeric string

File format

  • Encoding: UTF-8, no BOM
  • Delimiter: Comma with double quote qualifier
  • Row delimiter: Line Feed (LF)
  • Compression: gzip
Learn how to set up cloud storage uploads.